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General Marketing Consults

A convenient and affordable solution for small businesses and startups seeking marketing guidance.


In 45-minute Zoom sessions, Laurisha offer strategies to address your specific marketing questions, empowering you to implement actionable tactics and drive your business forward.

Social Media 

Supercharge your content and expand your reach with engaging social media posts. 


Because social media has become a mammoth, we help in-house teams with:


  • Audits/Strategy

  • Content Creation 

  • Livestreams 

  • Influencer Management  

  • Thought-Leadership

Crypto 101 Trainings

Learn the power of blockchain and crypto with one-on-one training.


With 45-90 minutes of hands-on lessons*, Laurisha will be your guide and answer any questions you have from NFTs to real use cases happening worldwide. Before our session, she'll collaborate with you to identify your specific interests and desired topics, ensuring we make the most efficient use of our time together.


*Please note that I won't provide investment advice, but rest assured, Crypto 101 will empower you to grasp the fundamentals and alleviate any fears or uncertainties.

Launch Strategy

Entrust us with project management, idea generation, and seamless execution. 


With a strategic approach, we'll orchestrate seamless collaborations between your team, partners, and PR agencies. We'll keep you organized and focused, ensuring a smooth journey toward your goals. Together, we’ll maximize your impact, and provide you with a comprehensive retrospective report for future growth.

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